Alpha Bi-Polar Milling Magnet for Round Stock

Price List

Product Price
ABP 60-500 $5,750.00
Pole Extension $475.00

Introducing the Alpha Bi-Polar Magnet (ABP)

The Alpha Bi-Polar (ABP) has grown out of the need of many customers desire to hold bar stock, both flat and round. The ABP allows the user to have complete access to the top of the part without straps interfering with the process and reduces set up considerably.

Product Specifications

7.87"x 19.7" x 5.7" NOM 200 wide x 500 long x 144 tall
7.9" x 39.4" x 5.7" NOM 200 wide x 1000 long x 144 tall
7.9" x 59" x 5.7" NOM 200 wide x 1500 long x 144 tall
7.87" x 78.7" x 5.7" NOM 200 wide x 2000 long x 144 tall

Alpha Bi-Polar Magnet Features

The newest production magnet in the Alpha Workholding product line made quite a splash at IMTS 2006. A quick glance at the features at right will show why.

  • Available in 220 and 440-480 volts.
  • Rigid steel and brass construction for better accuracy and longer life.
  • Individual pole extenders can be utilized to raise a part off the magnetic chuck surface for through hole work and to adapt to varying diameter bars.
  • Self Shimming pole extenders—Capable of holding parts with stepped diameters
  • Permanent Electro—does not require electricity to maintain the magnetic field.
  • Up to 0.250" of resurfacing capabilities on the magnet face.
  • Magnetic clamping reduces vibration and increases tool life.
  • Alpha's controllers are equipped with circuit breakers and can be integrated into a machines PLC.
  • Magnetically balanced, each pole contains equal amounts of north and south magnetic flux to eliminate stray flux and to simplify pole placement.
  • Available Accessories
  • Pole extenders—used to raise a part off the surface of the magnet and vary the diameter range
  • Self Shimming pole extenders

ABP Flyers

Need more information on exactly what this product can do? You can download the literature here.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files after downloading.