Alpha Workholding Solutions: The Serious Magnet Company

Since 1999, Alpha Workholding Solutions has specialized in the manufacture and application sales of permanent-electro magnetic workholding and permanent magnetic lifting products. Our products are designed to make fabrication and manufacturing companies more profitable and safer. All our products were designed to be durable and virtually maintenance-free. Over the years, we took our time to understand the needs of the industry in order to simplify our product line offerings. This plan has allowed us to offer cost-effective solutions for a fast return on investment.

It all started with a love of magnetic technology. We wanted to find a way to make lifting and moving ferrous materials safer, and reduce the need for multiple types of lifting/rigging equipment; the Eagle Lift magnetic lifter line was born. Not only could the Eagle Lift offer increased safety, it also provided a solution to move from plate and flat stock to round stock without changing equipment, ultimately making cumbersome lifting straps obsolete.

Now that we had a solution for moving materials, we wanted a solution for clamping these materials to machinery during the fabrication process. The AMR permanent-electro magnetic chucks were developed. This line provided superior clamping force, workpiece stability, and reduced vibration. Coupled with our accessories for 5 side machining and through hole boring/drilling, the possibilities were endless.

Our passion didn't let us stop there. After countless hours of industry research, we realized a customizable and modular workholding solution was the future of fabrication efficiency. Knowing this, we designed our A-Pod systems. These systems allowed operators to place clamping where needed to address intricately designed parts, and then change clamping configuration for the next unique part. Since the A-Pod is so versatile, our customers could buy as little or as many as their projects required, add more as their needs changed, and even share these systems across multiple machines. This system was introduced at IMTS and the concept "stole the show" and has been making history ever since.