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AMR Magnetic Milling Chucks

The CNC integratable AMR permanent electro magnetic milling chucks clamp both steel plate and round bar. Robust design and top tooling add-ons provide a clamping system for a wide range of applications.

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A-Pod Modular Magnetic Chuck Systems

A-Pod permanent electro magnetic modular systems allow for true 5-sided machining with thru hole boring and profiling in a single setup. Each system can be expanded and CNC integrated.

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ABP Magnetic Bi-Polar Chucks

ABP permanent electro magnetic chucks are designed specifically for both round and square bar stock applications. This design allows full access to the top of the part without interference from straps.

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Eagle Lift Lifting Magnets

Our lifting magnets are designed for safety and efficiency. These lifters are designed to eliminate cumbersome slings and straps. Enjoy peace of mind with our "test talon" safety feature and 3 year warranty!


We received the Apods, they are working better than we expected. We have run several jobs on them so far and seen significant savings over our normal procedure of chasing clamps around the parts. Two jobs went from 36 hours each to around 9 hours each; and a third job went from 66 hours down to 16 hours. These things are awesome! - Stow, OH

Alpha Workholding Solutions' Apod system allows us to face, turn and bore large thin wall rings to tolerances that we had never been able to achieve in the past. The system has increased production and eliminated scrap due to out of round and flatness conditions. The systems versatility has allowed us to move the same unit we used for turning to other machining applications and achieve improved production and quality results in those areas as well. We are very pleased with Alpha's Apod system performance! - JC Steele & Sons, NC