A-Pod® Modular Clamping System

Modular Magnetic Milling Chuck - A-Pod Applications

The A-Pod® was born out of the job shop market, where set ups were always changing and having a dedicated chuck on one machine was not practical. This system is more flexible than traditional chucks, providing less set ups and quicker return on investment. A-Pods perform equally well for cnc machining and manual milling applications.


The A-Pod is an ideal tool for the creative shop owner, providing flexibility, the ability to perform drilling and profile work in a single setup, and requiring virtually no maintenance. This system is completely modular and has little impact to a machine's table weight capacity. They can be shared across multiple machines, and can be expanded as customer requirements change.

This unique, fully magnetically balanced individual pole works much like a 1 2 3 block but with the clamping power of a heavy milling magnet. With this design, pods can be placed where needed, creating a set up to drill, profile, and machine in the same operation. Customers can fully customize their system to meet their unique requirements, and continue to expand their system as their needs grow.

The A-Pod system also works well with conventional fixturing to reduce vibration, this reduced vibration allows the machine to operate at its optimum capacity with the best possible finish. The modular system works well in other areas of a facility including: welding, assembly, and inspection. The A-Pod's use is only limited by one's imagination!

Modular Workholding Applications


  • The A-Pod® uses permanent-electro magnetic technology for fail safe operation. Power turns magnetism ON or OFF. No power is required to maintain the magnetic clamping.
  • Reduce setup time and number of setups with up to 5 face machining in a single setup, perfect for contour work.
  • Ultimate flexibility, a multiple module set can be used on multiple machines simultaneously, not dedicated to one machine.
  • Ideal for holding ferrous material for: machining, grinding, polishing, measuring, welding, assembly, and much more.
  • Quickly mounts with a 1/2-13 thru bolt to a "T" slot or sub plate.
  • Low magnetic flux, only penetrates 0.400" deep into mild steel.
  • Magnetically balanced, each pole contains equal amounts of north and south magnetic flux to eliminate stray flux and to simplify pole placement.
  • Improves cutting forces on large plates when used in conjunction with conventional clamping.
  • Ideal for drilling applications.
  • Available in 110 volt, 220 volt, and 440 volt.
  • Each module is 3.819" diameter by approximately 2.75" tall and generates up to 1400 lbs of clamping force.
  • Systems can be operated manually or integrated into a cnc control.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


Max Number of A-Pods per Controller
Controller 110/120 Volts 200/240 Volts 400/480 Volts
SD Controller 12 24 48
MD Controller 48 96 192
The junction box is designed to connect up to 12 A-Pods. Subsequent junction boxes can be linked together to operate more A-Pods, up to the recommended maximum for the voltage and controller type.
Product Dimensions
Pod Diameter: 97mm / 3.819 in Pod Height: 70mm / 2.75 in
Pole Extension Diameter: 97mm / 3.819 in Pole Extension Height: 30mm / 1.18 in
Pod Securing Detail: 1/2-13 stainless steel socket head cap screw and TEE nut.
Cable Lengths: Controller Discharge: 10 ft; Pod Cable: 6 ft; Hand Pendant: 10 ft; Link Cable: 2.5 ft