ABP Bar Stock Magnetic Milling Chucks

Magnetic Round Stock Milling Chuck - ABP Applications

The Alpha Bi-Polar (ABP) milling chuck is a permanent-electro magnetic system - designed for heavy machining of steel bar stock. It requires electricity for just a fraction of a second to polarize the magnets. No electricity is required to maintain the magnetism and is therefore "failsafe".


The ABP magnetic chuck was developed out of the need of many customers' desire to hold bar stock. The unique design works equally well for round bar and flat bar. Each chuck will easily clamp to your machine's t-slot table, or to your custom subplate. Multiple chucks can operate on the same Alpha controller, only limited by the voltage.

ABP chucks allow the user to have complete access to the top of the part without straps interfering with the machining process. Eliminating the need for top/side straps and clamping reduces setup time considerably, and allows for more machining operations in a single setup. The powerful magnetic clamping forces exerted also allow for aggressive machining operations.

Round Bar Workholding Chucks


  • The ABP uses permanent-electro magnetic technology for fail safe operation. Power turns magnetism ON or OFF. No power is required to maintain the magnetic clamping.
  • Available in 220/240 and 440/480 volts.
  • Rigid steel and aluminum contruction - fully sealed for longevity.
  • Magnetic clamping reduces vibration and increases tool life.
  • Magnetically balanced, each pole contains equal amounts of north and south magnetic flux to eliminate stray flux and to simplify pole placement.
  • Up to 0.250" of resurfacing capabilities on the magnet face.
  • 30 degree pole extensions available to raise the part off the surface of the magnet and vary the diameter range capability.
  • Flanged baseplate edges allow for quick mounting to "T" slot tables or sub plates.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


Surface Dimensions and Specs
Part Number Imperial(LxWxH) Metric(LxWxH) Voltage Controller Max
ABP50-200 19.7" x 7.87" x 5.7" 500mm x 200mm x 144mm 220/240 2
ABP50-400 19.7" x 7.87" x 5.7" 500mm x 200mm x 144mm 440/480 4