AMR Magnetic Milling Chucks

Magnetic Milling Chuck - AMR Applications

The Alpha Mill Round (AMR) milling chuck is a permanent-electro magnetic system - it requires electricity for just a fraction of a second to polarize the magnets contained within the chuck. No electricity is required to maintain the magnetism and is therefore "failsafe". A cost effective solution for cnc machining applications.


The AMR system is capable of providing very predictable clamp forces. In many cases, the clamp force generated by the AMR chucks will exceed the performance of conventional clamping devices. The main benefit, however, is that the workpiece is uniformly supported over a larger area. This reduces vibration and enables faster feed rates without impairing tool life and machining quality.

AMR milling chucks are designed to be bolted directly to your machine's worktable, baseplate, or pallet. Each system can be operated manually or cnc control integrated. Pole extensions are available to raise the part off the chuck for drilling, boring, and profiling parts. Cam stops can also be used to locate the part accurately each time, then simply rotated out of the way to begin machining.

CNC Milling Chuck Applications


  • The AMR uses permanent-electro magnetic technology for fail safe operation. Power turns magnetism ON or OFF. No power is required to maintain the magnetic clamping.
  • Reduce setup time and number of setups with up to 5 face machining in a single setup, perfect for contour work.
  • Each pole generates up to 1400 lbs of clamping force, correlating to 90 clamping pounds per square inch.
  • Magnetically designed to substantially reduce stray flux, and provide significant clamp force for machining without chip adhesion.
  • Magnetic field penetrates only 0.400" deep into the work piece, keeping the surface of the work piece free of magnetism.
  • Clamping across the surface of the work piece, reduces vibration and increases tool life.
  • Solid steel construction for greater rigidity and durability.
  • Solid steel and aluminum surfaces to seal against coolant ingress and maximize clamping force.
  • Flanged baseplate edges allow for quick mounting to "T" slot tables or sub plates.
  • Available in 110 volt, 220 volt, and 440 volt. *Depending on size of chuck*
  • Pole extension and cam stop accessories for versatility and repeatability.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


Surface Dimensions and Specs
Part Number Length Width RecVolts Poles Clamp Force (lbs)
AMR-0205 500 mm 200 mm 110 10 14,000
AMR-0303 300 mm 300 mm 110 9 12,600
AMR-0406 600 mm 400 mm 220 24 33,600
AMR-0505 500 mm 500 mm 440 25 35,000
AMR-0606 600 mm 600 mm 440 36 50,400
AMR-0510 1000 mm 500 mm 440 50 70,000